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Get ready for all the action with the complete 1970 TV series Dan August starring Burt Reynolds. Put on your detective hat and ride along as lieutenant August  investigates homicide cases in his hometown of Santa Luisa, California. Other cast members include Norman Fell as August's partner, Sergeant Charles Wilentz; Richard Anderson as Police Chief Untermeyer; Ned Romero as Sergeant Joe Rivera; and Ena Hartman as Katie Grant.
The series was based on Quinn Martin's 1970 made-for-TV movie House on Greenapple Road, starring Janet Leigh. The film was based on Harold R. Daniel's 1966 mystery novel of the same name. It was directed by Robert Day from a script by George Eckstein. Christopher George played Dan August, with Keenan Wynn as Sergeant Wilentz and Barry Sullivan as Chief Untermeyer. Ned Romero and Ena Hartman were the only actors in the film who reprised their roles in the series. The film also featured Julie Harris, Walter Pidgeon, Ed Asner, Eve Plumb, Lynda Day, Joanne Linville, Tim O'Connor, Mark Richman, and William Windom.
This great quality 7 dvd set features all 26 episodes, plus the pilot film for the series "The House on Greenapple Road" with Christopher George in the title role.
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