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In this award-winning adaptation of an autobiographical story by Truman Capote, based in 1934 Alabama. Eric Lloyd plays Buddy, who at age 7 is dumped by his parents at the home of some elderly spinster cousins who have no experience with children…except for childlike Sook (Patty Duke), the eldest. Luckily for Buddy, she becomes his best friend, embarking on a series of adventures in the Depression-era rural South. As they plan for Christmas they soon realize that their idyllic time together will not last long. Much to their dismay, the other cousins have decided to send the boy to military school. Also starring in this charmingly nostalgic tale is Piper Laurie, Jeffrey DeMunn, Anita Gillete, Jimmie F. Skaggs and Robert C. Treveiler. (Digital, 96 minutes)
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