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Matches on this disc include: 1) Mark Lewin & King Curtis vs. Big Bad John & Bulldog Brower     2) Spiros Arion vs. Jack Brisco         3) Gorgeous George vs. Andreas Lambrakis     4) Ox Baker & Brute Bernard vs. Kevin Martin & Max Tamboola   5) George Lackey vs. Dominic DeNucci   6) Killer Karl Kox & The Spoiler vs. Antonio Pugliese & Mario Milano   7) Spiros Arion vs. Abdullah The Butcher   8) Mario Milano vs. Tiger Singh w/mgr. Big Bad John   9) Dr Jerry Graham vs. Angelo (Jumping Joe) Savoldi
Cage Match at Festival Hall Melbourne: 1) Mr Fuji & Tiger Singh vs. Mark Lewin & King Curtis   2) Larry O'Dea vs. Abdullah The Butcher w/mgr. Big Bad John   3) Allan Pinfold vs. Mark Lewin
Death Match: King Curtis vs. Big Bad John
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