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This half-hour Saturday morning cartoon series was based on characters created by comic Jerry Lewis for the films The Nutty Professor, The Bellboy, and The Errand Boy.

On the show, an animated Jerry worked as a temp for Mr. Blunderbuss of the Oddjob Employment Agency. Each week found the thoroughly incompetent temp sent to a new and nutty job, from spy to valet and more. Only one thing remained consistent: Jerry's penchant for comedic occupational blunders.

Joining the animated Jerry were kid sister Jerraldine, girlfriend Rhonda (both were voiced by Filmation stockplayer Jane Webb), Mr. Blunderbuss and the comedian's own alter egos, from Professor Lewis to Ralph Rotten Lewis (voiced by Howard Morris, best known for his role as Ernest T. Bass on "The Andy Griffith Show").

The real Jerry Lewis was a partner in the show's creation. According to an article in Variety magazine, Lewis declined the voice-over work because he felt some mimics did his younger voice better than he did when this came out in 1970! That honor went to David L. Lander, who soon would be well-known as the character 'Squiggy' on the ABC primetime series Laverne & Shirley.
The series ran from September 12, 1970 until September 2, 1972. All 18 episodes ran in the first season. The second season consisted of repeated episodes from the first season.
NOTE: This set contains six episodes out of the eighteen produced. Quality varies for these very rare episodes – but all are watchable and enjoyable. Maybe now, since Jerry’s passing, this animated gem may one day hopefully see a studio release.  Until then, this single disc is what is available.)
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