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When Things Were Rotten” is a comical Robin Hood parody created in 1975 by Mel Brooks, Norman Stiles, and John Boni.  Robin Hood – who is not the brightest character – along with the incompetent members of his gang in Sherwood Forest will keep you laughing with sight gags, comical dialog, over-the-top anachronisms and a witty theme song.  There’s plenty of skillful comedic acting from the series cast, including Dick Gautier as Robin Hood, Dick Van Patten as Friar Tuck, Bernie Kopell as Alan-a-Dale, Henry Polic II as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Ron Rifkin as Prince John, Misty Rowe as Maid Marian, and David Sabin as Little John.  Richard Dimitri played a dual role as identical twin brothers Renarldo, one of the Merry Men, and Bertram, the Sheriff’s right-hand man.
Some notable guests stars who appeared in the series: Sid Caesar, John Byner, Ron Glass, Dudley Moore, Steve Landesberg, Paul Williams, Joe E. Ross, Lainie Kazan, and Ron Glass.
This 3-DVD set contains all 13 episodes produced.
Number of DVDs: 3
Quality: 10/10
Running Time: 329 min (approx)
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Full Screen
NOTES: This is a fan-made DVD set. Not a studio release.  Pictures are screenshots from the DVD.
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