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TWO SMART PEOPLE – Lucille Ball/John Hodiak/Lloyd Nolan (1946)

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Director Jules Dassin (Night and the City) combines the best of film noir, Crime caper and romance in this little gem starring Lucille Ball, John Hodiak and Lloyd Nolan. Ace Connors (Hodiak) is a con man on the run, chased by determined cop Bob Simms (Nolan) who is trying to convince Ace to turn in the bonds he has stolen in exchange for a reduced sentence. When Simms catches up with Connors, the con man talks him into taking a train ride back east that will take them through the Southwest and into New Orleans. Entering into the fray is Ricki Woodner (Ball), who is looking to con the con man out of his bonds, while falling for him and Fly Feletti (Elisha Cook, Jr.), a snarling trigger man hot on Ace's trail. The tension builds to an exciting climax during Mardi Gras. NOTE: Be sure to look for Shelley Winters in the uncredited role of Princess. (93 min, B&W, 1.37:1)
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