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Deep in the heart, somewhere in the soul…love finds a way to be forever. Robert (“Mr. Sam”) Samuel Peek (Hume Cronyn), a sagacious and seasoned pecan-tree grower from rural Georgia who has been married for the last 57 years to his college sweetheart, Cora (Jessica Tandy). When Cora suddenly passes away, Sam becomes increasingly lonely—until he befriends a snow-white dog that strays onto the Peek property. His children think he is losing his mind as he is the only one who can see the loving mutt. So is the animal real or merely a figment of Mr. Sam’s imagination? The answer lies in a fateful journey to a college reunion that Mr. Sam makes with the dog in his dilapidated truck where it is revealed the dog is his adoring wife who has come back to help him accept life’s eventualities. Additional Cast: Christine Baranski, Esther Rolle. (98 min)
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