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Harry Evers (Gene Wilder) has just been fired as producer of a not-so-successful game show and can’t bear to face his loving wife (Ellen Burstyn) and son. Marvin Ellison (Bob Newhart) can’t wait to end his insufferable marriage, even though he’s making a fortune with his new line of “designer” zippers. When they are customary Thursday night poker session with the guys disintegrates into an all-out this fight, lost souls Harry and Marvin decide to continue their weekly meetings by themselves—and without telling their wives! What in the balls over the months is a sometimes touching—and always funny—camaraderie as the two men try to help each other through failing marriages, compulsive affairs, financial woes, realize dreams and even their own madcap friendship. Additional Cast: Rob Reiner, Valerie Harper, Chris Sarandon, Nancy Walker, Norman Fell, Martha Scott, Richard Gautier, Sidney Clute, Jed Allan. Directed by Robert Moore. Written by James L. Brooks. (ABC Circle Films, Color, Region 1, 100 min.)

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