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This animated series follows the epic adventures of the Thundercats -- refugees from a dying planet and guardians of powerful jewel -- as they arrive on a new world only to find that their enemies, the Mutants of Plun-Darr, have tracked them down.

This set includes the following episodes: "Exile Isle," "Key to Thunders," "Return of the ThunderCubs," "The Formula," "Locket of Lies," "Bracelet of Power," "The Wild Workout," "The Thunderscope," "The Jade Dragon," "The Circus Train," "The Last Day," "Return to Thunders - Episode I," "Return to Thunders - Episode II," "Return to Thunders - Episode III," "Return to Thunders - Episode IV," "Return to Thunders - Episode V," "Leah," "Frogman," "The Heritage," "Screwloose," "Malcar," "Helpless Laughter," "Cracker's Revenge," "The Mossland Monster," "Ma-Mutt's Confusion," "The Shadowmaster," "Swan Song," "The Touch of Amortus," "The Zaxx Factor," "Well of Doubt" and "The Book of Omens."

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