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On this heartwarming episode, Ralph Edwards tells the inspirational story of the pony-tailed girl with the lovely voice, who grew up to become one of the great musical stars of stage and screen. Filmed on her 37th birthday (March 31, 1971), actress Shirley Jones (Carousel, Oklahoma!) is surprised by host Ralph Edwards while working, recording what she thinks is a promotional spot for her TV series The Partridge Family. Guests for Shirley included her mother, aunt and uncle, and husband actor Jack Cassidy. Industry guests included theatrical agent Gus Schirmer, Jr., actor Cameron Mitchell, movie producer Bernard Smith and famed Broadway composer Richard Rogers. Both of her families join Shirley at the end of the show: stepson and Partridge Family co-star David Cassidy and sons Shaun, Patrick and Ryan, plus her TV kids - actors Susan Day, Danny Bonaduce, Jeremy Gelbwaks and Suzanne Cough.
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