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Set in 1777, the series revolved around a fictional undercover patriot group called the Yankee Doodle Society based out of Chester, Pennsylvania. The leader of the group was Jeremy Larkin (Rick Ely), the younger son of Chester's mayor. His associates were Henry Abington (Alex Henteloff), the son of the local pharmaceutical and an inventor/explosives expert who bore a bit of a resemblance to Benjamin Franklin, and the town's blacksmith Isak Poole (Louis Gossett, Jr.), a former slave who had bought his own freedom. Jeremy's girlfriend, Elizabeth Coates (Hilary Thompson), sometimes accompanied the Society on its escapades. They reported directly to the 20 year old General Lafayette, who occasionally joined their operations. Covering their activism by pretending indifference to the war effort, they were very effective at spying for the American forces and harassing the British behind enemy lines. Each episode was loosely based on a historical event. The series ran from September 20, 1970 to January 3, 1971.  This 8-disc set contains all 15 episodes produced.
Disc 1: To Hang A Hero / Fort Hope
Disc 2: Dangerous Ally / The Infiltrator
Disc 3: Stalemate / Valley of the Guns
Disc 4: The Hostages / The Age of Independence
Disc 5: Suicide Squad / Alias Ben Todd
Disc 6: Father and I Went Down To Camp
Disc 7: Unbroken Chains / To Kill a Traitor
Disc 8: The Ring of Freedom / The Blood of an English
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