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Based on a book, Life Without George, The Lucy Show was something of a groundbreaking series in that it centered on two single moms: one, Lucille Carmichael (Lucille Ball), a widower, and the other, Vivian Bagley (Vivian Vance), a divorcee (the first such sitcom character). Vivian and her son, Sherman (Ralph Hart), share Lucy's suburban home in Danfield, New York, with her two children: teenage daughter Chris (Candy Moore) and wisecracking young son Jerry (Jimmy Garrett), who delivers zingers like a pint-sized Fred Mertz. Gale Gordon joined the cast in season two as Theodore J. Mooney, Lucy’s boss at the bank where she worked as his secretary. Dick Martin and Mary Jane Croft were semi-regulars on the series.
Notable guest stars include: Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Carol Burnett, George Burns, Joan Crawford, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Dean Martin, Frankie Avalon, Wayne Newton, Robert Stack, Mel Tormé, John Wayne, Jack Cassidy, Clint Walker, and Milton Berle.
The 18-disc set contains all 156 episodes.
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