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How sweet it was! Brooklyn bus driver Ralph Kramden might not have cared what future TV viewers would think of his comic antics but the man who portrayed him—Jackie Gleason—eventually did. He had under lock and key a wealth from TVs golden age: 75 kinescopes of original “Honeymooners” episodes that had only been seen once before on TV—when they aired live on CBS between 1952 and 1957. In this special, Gleason unlocks the treasure chest and introduces a sampling of the gems. Ralph Kramden’s wife Alice (Audrey Meadows) is also on hand to reminisce. Some clips focused on live TV faux pas (like products that didn’t work on cue); and the often embattled relationship between the Kramden’s and their tenement neighbors, Ed and Trixie Norton (Art Carney, Joyce Randolph). Two additional clips include Ralph as a study in terror when he unwittingly overhears Alice rehearsing a play and really think she is going to kill him. In the second, Ralph’s stage fright—and toothache—are sorely tested in a TV commercial for a candy bar. (60 min, includes original network commercials)
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