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Vol. 1: Follow the first lady of comedy, Lucille Ball, from her start to the success of I Love Lucy in this unique collection, and hear in her own words how she went from schoolgirl in Jamestown, New York, to a Hollywood starlet. Lucy was hired as a Goldwyn Girl for Eddie Cantor's Roman Scandals, and after a brief stint at Columbia she went to RKO, where she made several Astaire/Rogers films and got her first big break in Stage Door. While rehearsing for the musical Too Many Girls in 1940, she met Cuban conga player Desi Arnaz, and their whirlwind courtship, tempestuous marriage, and professional partnership were the stuff of Hollywood history. You'll see Lucy's screen appearances with the Marx Brothers, Red Skelton, Abbott & Costello, and Bob Hope, plus memorable moments on and off the set of the show and the films in which she starred with Desi.
Vol. 2: More zany moments with that loveable redhead, tracing her career from I Love Lucy to The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy, and beyond, while her successful Desilu Productions creates hits like The Untouchables. Buying her former workplace, the RKO studios, she and Desi launched the ambitious Desilu Playhouse, but business and personal pressures led to divorce, and the end of the Arnazes meant the end of the Ricardos. After marrying comedian Gary Morton, her husband form 1961 until her death in 1989, she returned to television the following year, joining her former radio co-star, Gale Gordon, in the pilot of her first solo series. You'll also see Lucy on film and TV with a galaxy of Hollywood stars, including Milton Berle, Bob Hope, Danny Kaye, Danny Thomas, Jerry Lewis, Henry Fonda, Steve Lawrence, Hans Conried, Shirley Jones and many more. Nearly 3 hours with many never before seen footage!
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