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ABC's TGIF CHRISTMAS 1993 (ABC 12/10/93)

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Four Christmas themed episodes from ABC’s Friday night lineup of sitcoms. "Family Matters" - Urkel can’t seem to cheer up Carl, who’s acting like a Grinch at Christmas, especially after their commuter train breaks down in a snowstorm. "Boy Meets World" - Knowing that Shawn’s father has been laid off, Cory plays Santa by giving his buddy a present. But his well-intentioned gift isn’t well received. "Step by Step" - An inept deputy (Don Knotts) shows no Yuletide spirit when he catches Frank and Carol doing last minute Christmas shopping after hours in the toy store where Frank’s working. "Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper" - Nicole has her doubts about Santa, but a mysterious long-lost cousin, who makes himself at home with the gang may just change that. (120 min, with original network commercials)
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