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Survival of Dana, The (CBS 5/29/79)

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High school transfer student Dana Lee (Melissa Sue Anderson) moves to the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles from North Dakota to live with her grandmother (Marion Ross) after her parents get divorced. Dana only wants to fit in. She becomes attracted to “The Roadrunners,” a group of middle-class misfits. Especially to their leader, the radical and wickedly cool Donny (Robert Carradine). Dana soon begins to devote her entire life to the gang. She starts to act wild, mean and uncaring. Is she really changing, or just trying to be liked? As she gets closer to the group she discovers that maybe underneath their tough exteriors, they’re just as confused as she is. Then suddenly a gruesome, terrifying incident with a rival gang turns into a bloody tragedy, and Dana finds herself alone.  Also starring: Talia Balsam, Judge Reinhold, Barbara Babcock. (Analog, Full Screen, 92 min)
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