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SAVING AIMEE (Pre Broadway - Seattle 10/05/11)

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A remarkable new musical about one woman's incredible rise to glory…and fall from grace”. Book and lyrics by Kathie Lee Gifford, with additional music by David Pomeranz and David Friedman.
Starring: Carolee Carmello, Judy Kaye, Roz Ryan, Ed Dixon, Ed Watts, Brandon O'Neill, and Charles Leggett.
"Saving Aimee" is based on the true story of Aimee Semple McPherson, "the most famous person you have never heard of." A female evangelist who arrived in Hollywood and befriended stars of the stage and screen, including Charlie Chaplin, Aimee became a true media celebrity during the 1920s and 30s.
Hollywood gave her access to the some of the world's most creative set and costume designers as well as actors -- access Aimee used to spread her religious ideas with showbiz style.
Sometimes seduced by power and men, Aimee laid the foundation for a religious empire that included a then state-of-the-art radio station from which she could broadcast her message. In 1926 she was put on trial for faking her own kidnapping, when she was in fact having an affair with a married man”.
Note: "Saving Aimee" was presented at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle, WA prior to the Broadway production. The name was later changed to "Scandalous" in 2012. A disc of that production is also available.
A number of changes occurred from the time "Saving Aimee" played and the Broadway opening of "Scandalous". You will notice that songs were added or dropped and there were dialog changes as well.
Very nicely filmed from the balcony with no obstructions. (A)  2-disc set, 147 min.
The musical numbers from the 2011 Seattle production are as follows:  
Act I
  • "Prelude" - Orchestra
  • "Stand Up" – Aimee & Ensemble
  • "For Such A Time As This" (Part 1) - Minnie
  • "Why Can't I?" – Aimee 
  • "He Will Be My Home" – Robert & Aimee 
  • "He Will Be My Home" (Reprise) – Robert, Aimee, James & Minnie 
  • "Oh, the Power" - Robert, Aimee & Ensemble 
  • "That Sweet Lass From Cork" – Ensemble 
  • "Come Whatever May" – Robert, Aimee & Ensemble 
  • "You'll Be Safe Here With Me" - Mac (Harold Stewart McPherson) & Aimee 
  • "Follow Me" – Aimee & Ensemble 
  • "A Girl's Gotta Do What a Girl's Gotta Do" – Emma Jo & Girls 
  • "Follow Me" (Reprise) - Aimee & Ensemble 
  • "For Such a Time as This" (Part 2) - Aimee & Ensemble
Act II
  • "Hollywood Aime" (Part 1) – Reporters
  • "Adam and Eve " – Aimee, David & Eve 
  • "Foursquare March/Hollywood Aimee" (Part 2) – Aimee & Ensemble 
  • "Samson and Delilha" – Aimee, David & Ensemble 
  • "Hollywood Aimee" (Part 3) – Reports 
  • "Moses and Pharaoh" – Aimee, David, Emma Jo & Ensemble 
  • "Hollywood Aimee" (Part 4) - Reporters 
  • "It's Just You" – Kenneth 
  • "This Time I'll Blame It On Love" – Aimee & David 
  • "Lost or Found?/The Trial" - Full Company 
  • "He'll Be My Home" (Reprise) - Aimee 
  • "Oh, the Power" (Reprise) - Aimee & Ensemble 
  • "I Have a Fire" - Aimee & Ensemble 
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