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SANFORD ARMS - THE COMPLETE SERIES (NBC 1977) EXTREMELY RARE!!! Teddy Wilson, LaWanda Page, Whitman Mayo, Don Bexley, Tina Andrews, John Earl, Bebe Drake

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After Fred and Lamont Sanford move to Arizona to better Fred's heath, they sell the property to widower Phil Wheeler (Teddy Wilson) who converts it into the Sanford Arms hotel and rooming house.

Phil lives there along with his two children, 19-year-old daughter Angie (Tina Andrews) who works as a cocktail waitress at a bar called The Foxey Fox and his bright wisecracking 12-year-old son, Nat (John Earl).

Other Sanford and Son regulars were on hand for this short-lived series.  Aunt Esther Anderson (LaWanda Page) stops by on a regular basis to collect the monthly payment and monitor things.  Bubba Bexley (Don Bexley) is hired as the bellhop and maintenance man, along with Fred's best friend Grady Wilson (Whitman Mayo).  Also on the scene was Phil’s girlfriend Jeannie (Bebe Drake).

Only six episodes were produced before NBC gave the show the ax - four made it to air.  The two un-aired episodes are included on this 2 DVD set.
Regardless, it is fun to watch the second out of the three spin-offs from the original series.  The first spin-off Grady and third Sanford are also available for purchase.
Number of DVDs: 2
Number of DVDs: 6
Quality: 9.5/10
Running Time: 2 hrs 18 min (approx)
Aspect Ratio: Full Screen 1.33:1
NOTES: This is a fan-made DVD set. Not    a studio release.
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