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Long before paparazzi pursued celebrities, celebrities pursued iconic journalist Rona Barrett. Aside from moving into a 90210 zip code and invites to glam parties, stars knew they had it truly made when Miss Rona knocked at their estate door.


No one has ever had more personal access to celebrities baring their souls, revealing their secrets, sharing their dreams than Barrett. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Barrett is a true pioneer and innovator who left the television studio to conceive the coffee klatch style now embraced by other top journalists. When the famous (and infamous) opened up their homes to Barrett, the cameras faded to the background and they were with an old friend.


In addition to magazines and numerous TV specials that bore her name, she has been a regular contributor for Good Morning America, The Today Show and Entertainment Tonight, among others.


Interviews included are just some of Barrett’s personal favorites from her private archives, including Cher, Priscilla Presley, Raquel Welch, Robin Williams, John Travolta, John Wayne Donna Summer, Burt Reynolds, Richard Dreyfuss and Carol Burnett.


Includes bonus material "From Queens to Hollywood: Rona's Story" where Rona gives us a look at her life growing up and her story of becoming one of Hollywood's top celebrity reporters. (90 min)

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