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The fourth volume of the Ron Howard collection features three of his early TV appearances.


The Twilight Zone – “Walking Distance” (10/20/1959) – A man travels back in time to his childhood, arriving just a few miles away from his native town.


Make Room for Daddy – “Danny Meets Andy Griffith” (2/15/60) – While on a trip with his family Danny (Danny Thomas) gets a speeding ticket from Sherriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) on their way through the town of Mayberry. This was the first time Ronny would play Opie Taylor in the rarely seen pilot for “The Andy Griffith Show.”


The Fugitive – “Cry Uncle” (12/1/64) – When robbers shoot two policemen, Kimble's (David Jansen) nearby, so he hides in orphanage's station wagon to get away from the dragnet. Two orphans (Dianne Ramey, Ronny Howard) he met beforehand promise they'll alibi him, but Sean Dubose (Donald Losby), another state ward, plans to use Kimble in his own escape - fearing he'll be shipped to an Illinois juvenile prison soon. Sean's embittered from being abandoned by his alcoholic uncle, after Sean's parents' deaths. Kimble is torn between an immediate, but risky daylight escape, or helping the troublesome boy.
Number of DVDs: 1
Number of Episodes: 3
Quality: 10/10
Running Time: 100 min (approx)
Menu: Yes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
NOTES: This is a fan-made DVD set. Not    a studio release. Digital quality. B&W.
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