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This American Masters biography of the late writer and producer Rod Serling, was originally seen on PBS in 1995.  Serling wrote some of early television's most acclaimed dramas and created the classic science fiction/fantasy series The Twilight Zone. Serling's own words and extensive interviews with people who knew him best chronicles the history and excitement of the early days of television.


Imagine if you will, a young boy with a monstrous imagination. A lad whose fascination with sci-fi magazines and high-school drama kindled a spark of genius – a spark that would ignite into one of the brightest creative minds of the 20th century.  A young boy better known as Rod Serling.


Follow along as Serling himself recounts his youth and shares his memories of being a young soldier just out of high school.  Watch and listen as he relives his experiences as a struggling young writer – and be there when he leaps to national prominence.


Learn the fascinating story of how television’s most esteemed and popular writer outwitted stifling sponsor censorship by creating a series devoted entirely to fantasy stories.  This was, of course, The Twilight Zone.  While the censors looked elsewhere, Serling skillfully wrote “fanciful” tales that dealt with controversial issues of the day.  Tales that became legend!


Extensive interviews with key figures such as John Frankenheimer, Jack Klugman, Kim Hunter and Buck Houghton provide a detailed a detailed portrait of the man whose innovative work changed the course of television history!


Number of DVDs: 1
Quality: 10/10
Running Time: 90 min. (approx)
Aspect Ratio: Full Screen 1.33:1
NOTES: This is a fan-made DVD set. Not    a studio release.  The screenshots are taken from the DVD set.
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