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“MAGIC YEARS” - is the ultimate story of one of the world's biggest rock bands, an action packed ride through the 16 year history of a four-piece who've stayed together to become bigger today than ever before.

 "MAGIC YEARS" is the first major group history to involve pop's aristocracy, whose contributions and comments about the band are interspersed with amazing archive film of the earliest milestones in QUEEN'S development. With the aid of comprehensive and candid footage of live with QUEEN - shot over the years exclusively for this project - "MAGIC YEARS" peels back the security barriers to give you a backstage view of the madness, myth and magic we call rock 'n' roll. Uncovering the group's private side (plus a few failed out-takes from their acclaimed videos) "MAGIC YEARS" is the most complete visual anthology a rock band has ever had, attacking its subject with a journalistic and entertaining spirit as ambitious as the band itself. "MAGIC YEARS" records impressions all around the world of life in a rock band, the personal doubt, the public triumph and everything else that makes up the magic that is QUEEN. This 3-DVD set is broke into 3 volumes as follows: 

Volume 1:
 **THE FOUNDATIONS** From their formation in 1971 at London s Imperial College to the sensational presentation of their Best Single of the Last 25 Years award for Bohemian Rhapsody , Queen s early days are depicted with unseen archive footage, gripping video montages and the humorous reminiscences of their peers, predecessors and now famous fans. From Jackie Stewart to Paul McCartney, they ve all got a tale to tell. Early black and white Queen interviews are intercut with footage of their first Rainbow concert, first TV airplay, first Top of the Pops appearance ( Killer Queen ) and video tapings of their early hits Keep Yourself Alive and Liar which have never been seen before. Queen s visual interpretation of Bohemian Rhapsody is uncontestedly acknowledged as the first important music video and this volume contains a comprehensive overview of the videos that have firmly placed Queen in the vanguard of the genre they kickstarted back in 75. Volume 1 closes with a candid portrait of Queen at work in the studio which, condensed from the only session filming ever permitted during the band s studio career, unflinchingly depicts the techniques and tensions involved in the recording of one of their biggest hits.

 Volume 2: 
**LIVE KILLERS IN THE MAKING** From the first outbreak of Queenmania on their first 1974 Japanese tour to the band s performance in front of the world s largest ever Rock Festival, 325,000 in Rio De Janeiro 1985, this volume traces Queen s development as a live band with never-before-seen footage of many of the major shows. There is film of an early Earl s Court show, a rare early 80 s Parisian date and the tour on which Queen conquered America, featuring one of the performances of We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions (filmed in Houston). Throughout there are hilarious excerpts courtesy of Korea, Brazilian, American and Japanese TV from the most out-to-lunch interviews with which the band have been confronted over the years, together with further comments and quips from famous names such as Jeff Beck, David Bowie and Ringo Starr. 


Volume 3: 
**CROWNED IN GLORY** Queen's appearance at Live Aid kicks off this portrait of the group's massive 1986 European tour. Following the tour trail from two sell-out shows at Wembley Stadium, via their first gig behind the Iron Curtain (at Budapest's Nepstadium). to its triumphal conclusion in front of 120,000 fans at Knebworth, an intimate picture emerges of life on the road. Footage of Queen preparing, playing, partying and unwinding is peppered with the individual band members' revealing views of touring life, the comments of their most committed fans and anecdotes from the roadies, security men and promoters that made it all possible. The cream of the pop world queue up to pass judgment on the group which Bob Geldof describes as "one of the biggest live bands on the face of the planet".

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