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PINK LADY AND JEFF - THE COMPLETE SERIES (NBC 1980) - RARE!!! HARD TO FIND!!! Mitsuyo Nemoto ("Mie"), Keiko Masuda ("Kei"), Jeff Altman, Jim Varney

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This short-lived variety series starred Japanese female singing duo Pink Lady, composed of Mitsuyo Nemoto ("Mie") and Keiko Masuda ("Kei"), and American comedian Jeff Altman. When NBC president Fred Silverman signed Japan's top recording stars to host a prime-time variety hour he was convinced they were the next big thing. Only then did he discover that Pink Lady didn't understand a word of English--they had memorized every word they spoke on their U.S. tour…and NBC had the makings of a real broadcasting disaster.

The format of the show consisted of musical numbers alternating with sketch comedy. The running gag of the series was the girls' lack of understanding of American culture and the English language; in reality, Pink Lady did not speak any English at all. Jeff would then attempt to translate and explain the meaning of things, which led to more confusion.

The series also featured Pink Lady performing various songs (usually English-language disco and pop songs such as "Boogie Wonderland" or "Yesterday", which the duo sang in English) along with interaction with celebrity and musical guests. The group would end the show by jumping into a hot tub together.

After the poorly rated series premiere, NBC moved Pink Lady to Friday nights and added Jim Varney as a character actor. The move and retooling failed to help ratings and the series was canceled after five episodes.

This set contains all six episodes produced.

Pink Lady and Jeff Episode Guide

Episode 1: March 1, 1980
With Bert Parks, Blondie, Sherman Hemsley, Byron Allen.

Episode 2: March 14, 1980
With Sid Caesar, Donny Osmond, Larry Hagman, Teddy Pendergrass.

Episode 3: March 21, 1980
With Greg Evigan, Hugh Hefner, Playboy Bunnies, Cheap Trick.
In a production number, Pink Lady performs their big hit from Japan, 'UFO'. Greg Evigan later joins the girls in a song. Jeff Altman reprises his sleazy art dealer (Art Nuvo) and televangelist (Reverend Pompadour) characters. Plus, Hugh Hefner and the Bunnies sing!

Episode 4: March 28, 1980
With Debbie Harry, Sid Caesar, Florence Henderson, Lorne Greene and dog Boomer from the NBC series "Here's Boomer."

Episode 5: April 4, 1980
With Red Buttons, Alice Cooper, Jerry Lewis.

Episode 6: April 11 1980
With Sid Caesar, Bobby Vinton, Byron Allen, Roy Orbison.

Number of DVDs: 2
Number of Episodes: 6
Quality: 9.5/10
Running Time: 5 hrs (approx)
Aspect Ratio: Full Screen 1.33:1
NOTES: This is a fan-made DVD set. Not    a studio release.
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