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EMMY WINNER. PUBLISHER. PHILANTHROPIST. BILLIONAIRE. ICON. This unauthorized bio was produce in 2007 when her daily loyal followers feverishly chanted her name and firmly pledge their allegiance to Oprah’s gospel of good feeling. Oprah: Unauthorized reveals how Oprah Winfrey rose from a poor, broken and violent past to become the "Queen of All Media." But while Oprah Winfrey consistently ranks as the most trusted, most powerful and most admired celebrity, she is also among the most scrutinized and criticized. Get a rare glimpse into Oprah’s professional battles: She’s tussled with Donahue, squared off with Big Beef and silenced disgruntled former employees. She broke through barriers of gender and race and has become the face of the American Dream. Oprah: Unauthorized peeks into Oprah’s personal life: her struggle with weight, the suppositions surrounding her relationships, her role within the black community and white America. Oprah: Unauthorized also examines the life changing impact of Oprah’s Angel Network by highlighting ways in which Oprah’s resources are being utilized for the common good. By speaking with former employers, fellow talk show hosts, friends and media experts, Oprah: Unauthorized deconstructs the "Oprah Factor" and explores the wide ranging impact of the woman they call, "O." (60 min., Aspect Ratio: Full Screen 1.33:1)
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