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Animated spinoff of the life action series of the same name featuring the original voices of stars Robin Williams, Pam Dawber and Conrad Janis. A teenaged Mork is sent to Earth from planet Ork to observe the lives of human teenagers and enroll in a local school. As on the original show, Mindy McConnell and her father Fred (voiced by Conrad Janis) are the only Earthlings who know that he's an alien, and he sends telepathic reports of his experiences to Orkan ruler Orson (voiced by an uncredited Ralph James). Unlike the original show, Mork is accompanied by his Orkan pet, a pink six-legged dog-like creature named Doing (voiced by Frank Welker) which is pronounced as "Doyng." Other characters in the show included Eugene (voiced by Shavar Ross), Hamilton (voiced by Mark L. Taylor), and Principal Caruthers (voiced by an uncredited Stanley Jones). This 2-disc set contains 13 episodes from the series.
Disc 1: To Ork or Not to Ork - Every Doing has it's Day - Beauty or the Beast - Morkman Vs. Orkman - Morkel or Hyde - Orkin Without A Cause 
Disc 2: Muddle in a Huddle - Meet Mork's Mom - Ride 'em Morkboy - Which Witch is the Witch - Mork PI - Greatest Schimo on Earth - Who's Minding the Brat
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