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Best friends Holly (Lindsay Wagner, "The Bionic Woman") and Kate (Shelley Long, "Cheers") share beauty and intelligence - but otherwise they couldn't be more different. Holly is a free-spirited artist, a single mother living in the country with her daughter, Jenny. Kate is a high-powered New York executive with no time in her life for anything but her job. Until, that is, she receives a desperate message from Holly. Stricken by illness and with only a few months to live, Holly confronts a shocked Kate with a request: that when Jenny no longer has a mother, Kate should raise Jenny as her own daughter. Holly knows that only Kate can give Jenny what she will truly need: unconditional love. Kate’s life is about to change forever. Not only must she help Holly to reconcile herself to her situation and the inevitable loss of her daughter, but she must fight against Holly's family who are violently opposed to Holly's plans for her daughter. Additional Cast: MacDonald Carey, Anne Jeffreys, Allison Mack. (Region 0, Chapter Marks, 91 min)

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