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Get into the Christmas spirit with this one-a-kind 4-DVD collection featuring 20 of the most beloved 1960s sitcom favorites!


Disc 1:
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet “Girl in the Emporium” 12/14/60, The Andy Griffith Show “Christmas Story” 12/19/60, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis “Have Reindeer, Will Travel” 12/19/61, Hazel “Hazel’s Christmas Shopping” 12/21/61, Car 54 Where Are You? “Christmas at the 53rd” 12/24/61
Disc 2:
McHale’s Navy “The Day They Captured Santa Claus” 12/21/62, The Lucy Show “Together For Christmas” 12/24/62, Petticoat Junction “Cannonball Christmas” 12/24/63, The Beverly Hillbillies “Christmas At The Clampetts 12/25/63, Gilligan’s Island “Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk” 12/19/64
Disc 3:
The Dick Van Dyke Show “The Alan Brady Show Presents” 12/18/63, The Patty Duke Show “The Christmas Present” 12/25/63, Bewitched “A Vision of Sugar Plums” 12/24/64, The Addams Family “Christmas With The Addams Family” 12/24/65, That Girl “Christmas And The Hard Luck Kid” 12/22/66
Disc 4:
The Flintstones “Flintstone Christmas” 12/25/64, The Flying Nun “Wailing In A Winter Wonderland” 12/21/67, The Monkees “The Christmas Show” 12/25/67, The Brady Bunch “The Voice Of Christmas” 12/19/69, The Ghost And Mrs. Muir “The Ghost of Christmas Past” 12/25/69


If you want more classic Christmas sitcom episodes, be sure to pick up Merry Sitcom! 1970s and Merry Sitcom! 1980s.


4 DVDs. Ratio: 1.33:1 - Full screen. Quality: 9.5 - Screenshots are from the DVD. Run Time: approx 540 min
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