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Can a letter - written in the 1800's but never mailed - change the life of a young man in 1998? When Scotty (Campbell Scott) discovers a love letter in a secret compartment of an antique desk, the words from an unknown woman seem to speak directly to his heart. Scotty is so moved that against all common sense, he feels compelled to respond. Miraculously, his letter finds its way to Lizzy (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Their correspondence - begun in curiosity - soon flourishes into a love so powerful, not even time itself can separate them. As their letters continue, Scotty realizes that Lizzie, living in the treacherous Civil War times, may be in peril. Can he reach out across time to help...or is he trapped hopelessly in the present? Also starring David Dukes, Estelle Parsons and Daphne Ashbrook. (107 min, chapter marks, includes BONUS MATERIAL: The Making of The Love Letter)

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