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Lassie's Rescue Rangers is an animated TV show featuring the world’s favorite collie Lassie. The 15-episode series produced by Filmation aired on the ABC network from September 15, 1973 to December 22, 1973, with repeats continuing into 1975. The hour-long pilot, Lassie and the Spirit of Thunder Mountain, was part of The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie that aired on November 11, 1972.


In the series, Lassie lives near Thunder Mountain with the Turner family to help protect the environment and keep it safe for visitors.  Ranger Ben Turner (voiced by Ted Knight of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”) works with wife Laura (voiced by Jane Webb) and children Susan, Jackie, and Ben Jr. as The Forest Force, a ranger-rescue team that protects Thunder Mountain National Park. Lassie is the leader of The Rescue Rangers, a group of wild animals living in the park that includes Groucho the owl, Toothless the mountain lion, Musty the skunk, and Robbie the raccoon.  Also helping the Forest Force was Gene Fox, a Native American, who was Ben Jr.'s, Jackie's and Susan's friend.


This 3-DVD set contains the complete series: the pilot film and 15 episodes produced.


 Disc 1: “Lassie and the Spirit of Thunder Mountain” 11/11/72, “Mystic Monster” 9/22/73, “Lassie’s Special Assignment” 9/29/73, “The Imposters” 10/6/73, “Deadly Cargo” 10/13/73.
Disc 2:"Grizzly" 10/20/73, "Deepsea Disaster" 10/27/73, "Black Out" 11/3/73, "Arctic Adventure" 11/10/73, "The Sunken Galleon" 11/17/73.
Disc 3: "Goldmine" 11/24/73, "Rodeo" 12/1/73, "Hullabaloo in Hollywood" 12/8/73, "Tidal Wave" 12/15/73, "Lost" 12/22/73.
Number of DVDs: 3
Quality: 8.5/10
Running Time: 630 min
Aspect Ratio: Full Screen
NOTES: This is a fan-made DVD set. Not    a studio release.  The pictures shown are screenshots from the DVD.
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