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Animated spinoff of the life action series “I Dream of Jeannie.” The animated series features the eponymous 2,000-year-old genie character (voiced by Julie McWhirter) with her master and love interest Corey Anders (voiced by Mark Hamill), a high school student and surfer, his best friend Henry Glopp (voiced by Bob Hastings), his mom (voiced by Janet Waldo).
Many of Corey and Henry's misadventures often involved run-ins with their rival, S. Melvin Farthinghill (voiced by Tommy Cook), a snooty rich kid and the series' antagonist whom Henry often addressed as "Smellvin" or "Smelly." S. Melvin was often a competitor with Corey when it came to girls, undermining his efforts at every turn. Comedian and former Three Stooges star Joe Besser voiced Babu, a cowardly, bumbling, immature genie-in-training under Jeannie's charge. His typical magic words are "Yapple Dapple!" which usually gets everyone around him into a pickle, even himself. Babu normally annoyed almost everyone he met because he gets so nervous, he could never control his powers. Jeannie would always try to help Corey with his problems, using magic. She was also in love with him and whenever some other girl tried to get with him, she'd sabotage everything.  This 3-disc set contains all 16 episodes from the series.
Disc 1: The Great Ski Robbery - Survival Course - Helen of Troy - The Sailors - The Wish
Disc 2: The Kid Brother - The Dognappers - The Pigeon - Power Failure - Surfs Up
Disc 3: The Decathlon - The Blind Date - Don Juan - The Dog - The Commercial - The Jinx
+ BONUS Disc: The New Scooby Doo Movies: "Mystery in Persia" (9/22/73) - Jeannie brings Mystery Inc. along for a time-travel trip to help stop Jadal the Evil Djinn's plan to thwart a young prince's elevation to sultan.
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