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Jana of the Jungle is a 13 episode 30-minute Saturday morning animated series, produced by Hanna-Barbera that aired during the fall of 1978.

Jana is essentially a female version of Tarzan who traveled to the rain forests of South America in search of her lost father (whom she never finds). Her father vanished in a boating accident when she was still a child, but the introduction shows that he survived. She has long blonde hair, wears a dress made of unspecified animal skin and a necklace which doubles as a throwable weapon and makes a high-pitched resonating sound when thrown (somewhat similar to the chakram that would be the weapon of choice for the later, live-action Xena, Warrior Princess) given to her by her father before the boating accident.

Besides her animal friends (Ghost, a sleek white jaguar and Tico, a pesky water opossum), Jana has two human friends: Dr. Ben Cooper, a young wildlife biologist who maintained the preserve started by Jana's father and helped in her continuing search for her father; and Montaro, a descendant of a lost warrior tribe armed with a supernatural weapon known as the Staff of Power that can cause earthquake shockwaves when it strikes the ground. Montaro rescued Jana from the boating accident in which her father disappeared.
Other notable voice actors include Ross Martin and Casey Kasem.
2 DVDs. Ratio: 1.33:1 - Full screen. Run Time: 265 min. Quality: 10
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