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GRADY - THE COMPLETE SERIES + BONUS (NBC 1975/76) STUDIO QUALITY!!! Whitman Mayo, Haywood Nelson, Carol Cole, Joe Morton, Rosanne Katon

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This short-lived spinoff series came from one of the 70s most popular sitcoms Sanford & Son, which followed the story of Fred Sanford’s best friend Grady Wilson (Whitman Mayo), an elderly gentleman living on a very modest pension, and the misadventures that occur when he moves in with his daughter Ellie (Carol Cole), her husband Hal (Joe Morton), and their two children Laurie (Rosanne Katon) and Haywood (Haywood Nelson “What’s Happening”).

This three-DVD set contains all ten episodes produced, plus the bonus Sanford & Son episode that acted as the series pilot. It aired on April 25, 1975.

Episode List:

Be It Ever So Humble - Dec 4, 1975 - The family's only complaint about their new house is that the former tenant refuses to leave. (Redd Foxx guests stars as Fred Sanford)

The Driving Force - Dec 11, 1975 - Grady takes a crash course in driving.

Merry Birthday, Happy Xmas - Dec 18, 1975 - When Grady's birthday approaches, the day before Christmas, his son-in-law Hal is assigned the task of keeping Grady out of the house while the surprise party is being planned.

Grady's Night In - Dec 25, 1975 - Grady turns sleuth to track down the thief who stole two rolls of quarters from the Marshall's kitchen. (Robbie Rist guest stars)

Night School - Jan 8, 1976 - Hal has a new student in his class on American history: his father-in-law Grady.

The Meterman - Jan 22, 1976 - Grady's scheme of feeding expired parking meters, then asking the car owners for reimbursement, earns him unwanted attention in the news.

The Strike - Jan 29, 1976 - Hal and his fellow teachers vote to go on strike. (Robbie Rist guest stars)

Bureaucracy - Feb 12, 1976 - Grady takes on the Government after he fails to receive several social-security checks.

Grady Takes a Wife - Mar 4, 1976 - Ellie dreams that Grady marries a go-go dancer.

The Weekend - Mar 11, 1976 - Hal and Ellie have a chance for a second honeymoon after Grady takes the kids away for the weekend.


The Family Man (Grady pilot from Sanford & Son) Apr 25, 1975 - Grady decides it's time for a change and moves out of Watts and into fashionable Westwood to live with his daughter, Ellie, her husband Hal, and their two children, Laurie and Haywood. As a housewarming gift, Grady purchases an oil painting to hang over their fireplace. However, the painting he chooses proves to be quite distasteful.

Number of DVDs: 3
Number of Episodes: 11
Quality: 9.5/10
Running Time: 4 hrs 13 min
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
NOTES: This is a fan-made DVD set. Not    a studio release.
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