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With his dry wit, the late show-business great marked his 100th birthday—17 years early.  As he explained in the show’s opener, he was signed to perform at the London Palladium on his real 100th birthday, so he decided to play host for an early centennial party, celebrated with music and comedy.
Providing the humor were vaudeville reminiscences by Burns, who also bantered with Milton Berle, Jimmy Stewart, Helen Reddy, Gregory Peck, Don Rickles and George Jessel; along with sarcastic but loving tributes from Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Dean Martin, Steve Martin, and Pat and Debby Boone. Musical interludes featured Andy Gibb singing his hit “Don’t Throw It All Away (Our Love)”; Goldie Hawn teams with Burns for “Some of These Days”; and George solos on “The Party’s Over.” (Digital, 50 min)
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