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A MUST FOR SERIOUS DAVID CASSIDY FANS!!! This is a very rare, one-of-a-kind, pro-shot compilation DVD that features the TV vocal performances and interviews of 70’s icon David Cassidy from around the world. Plus, bonus material includes: "This Week – Weekend at Wembley” 1973, Interview in Flashez and David’s appearance on “The Russel Marty Show” from 1974.
Rock Me Baby (Musikloden)
Some Kind of Summer (Top of the Pops 1973)
The Puppy Song (Top of the Pops 1973)
Daydreamer (Top of the Pops 1973)
The Last Kiss (die Speilbude)
Rock Me Baby (Melody Varieties - French TV)
Tomorrow (Popscope)
Daydreamer (Top of the Pops Video)
The Last Kiss (Na Sowas)
Get It Up For Love (Disco)
How Can I Be Sure (TopPop)
Rock Me Baby (TopPop)
The Last Kiss (Rage - music video)
I Write the Songs (Supersonic)
I Think I Love You (VHS-1)
Daydreaming (GTK)
The Last Kiss
I Write the Songs (192TV)
Darlin’(feat. Flo & Eddie 12/16/77)
I’m on Fire (Melody Varieties - French TV)
Rock Me Baby (Bob Hope Special)
The Last Kiss (Top of the Pops)
Junked Heart Blues (Midnight Special)
Could It Be Forever (Top of the Pops)
Give My Regards to Broadway (Parade of Stars)
Lying to Myself (music video)
The Last Kiss (1988)
Partridge Family Medley - I Woke Up in Love This Morning / Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted / I'll Meet You Halfway / I Think I Love You (Glen Campbell Show)
I’m a Clown / Interviews / Behind the Scenes (Wembley Concert 1973)
Interview / Then I'll Be Someone (The Russel Marty Show, 1974)


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