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The trials and tribulations, joyous occasions and heartbreaking moments of the Lawrence family of Pasadena, California. The family consisted of father Doug (James Broderick), a lawyer, his wife Kate (Sada Thompson), eldest married (and quickly divorced) daughter Nancy (Meredith Baxter-Birney), teenage son Willie (Gary Frank) and young daughter Letitia, nicknamed "Buddy" (Kristy McNichol). Later in the series the family adopted a young girl named Annie Cooper (Quinn Cummings) after her parents' death. Early episodes featured John Rubinstien as Jeff Maitland, Nancy's ex-husband.
This exceptional drama series aired on the ABC network and ran from March 9, 1976 to June 25, 1980.
Please Note: This set is the most complete currently available with a total of 80 episodes. ( only missing six episodes) Quality 8-10.
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