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Master of suspense, author Dean Koontz, creates an undercurrent of terror in this story set deep in the dark and troubled town of Black River. Burned-out Hollywood screenwriter, Bo Aikens (Jay Mohr), arrives in picturesque Black River, seeking relaxation and artistic inspiration. Initially, he finds it, along with romance in the arms of beautiful architect Laura Crosby (Lisa Edelstein). But when Bo becomes entangled in a nightmarish plot, he becomes captive in the idyllic small town, where he’s continuously phoned by an all-knowing caller and stalked by an ominous-looking vehicle. It suddenly seems clear that this perfect little hideaway captures more than just the imagination of its visitors. Additional Cast: Ann Cusack, Ron Canada, Bill Dow, Scott Hylands, Dion Luther, Stephen Tobolowsky. (120 min, includes original network commercials)
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