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DAKTARI: THE COMPLETE SERIES + BONUS FILM (CBS 1966-69) EXCELLENT QUALITY!!! Marshall Thompson, Cheryl Miller, Yale Summers, Hari Rhodes, Hedley Mattingly, Erin Moran, Ross Hagen

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Daktari means “doctor” in Swahili, but for viewers of this beloved ‘60s classic it meant uplifting family fun!

The series from executive producer Ivan Tors (Sea Hunt, Flipper, Gentle Ben) remains a cherished treasure among television enthusiasts and now you can embark on your own unforgettable safari adventure with "Daktari: The Complete Series." This captivating 47-DVD set not only brings together all the heart-pounding drama and thrilling encounters, but also fosters a deep appreciation for wildlife and conservation efforts.

Set in the breathtaking landscapes of East Africa, Daktari follows the exploits of Dr. Marsh Tracy (Marshall Thompson), a compassionate veterinarian dedicated to the welfare of animals in the Wameru Study Centre. Assisting him at the compound is his daughter Paula Tracy, played by Cheryl Miller, and his two courageous aides Jack Dane (Yale Summers) and Mike Makula (Hari Rhodes), his trusted friend and colleague District Officer Hedley (Hedley Mattingly), along with a mischievous chimp named Judy and a cross-eyed lion named Clarence, whose antics added charm and humor to every episode.

In the fourth and final season, the departure of Yale Summers' character, Jack Dane, marked a transition introducing two new characters. A young orphan girl, Jenny Jones (played by Erin Moran who would later gain fame playing Joanie Cunningham on the ABC sitcom Happy Days) and Bart Jason (Ross Hagen) a former hunter tuned guide that takes tourists on photo safaris. Despite these additions, the essence of "Daktari" remained intact, continuing to deliver compelling storytelling and memorable moments.

Now, both longtime fans and those discovering the series for the first time can relish its enchantment. Featuring all 89 episodes, beautifully restored and digitally remastered, plus as a bonus, the set includes the 1965 feature film Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion, making this a definite must-have addition to any TV collection.

So, grab your binoculars and prepare for the journey of a lifetime when you venture into the wilds of Africa with "Daktari: The Complete Series."

Number of DVDs: 47
Number of Episodes: 89 + film
Quality: 9.5/10
Running Time: 76 hr 13 min (approx)
Aspect Ratio: Fullscreen 1.33:1
NOTES: This is a fan made DVD set. Not a studio release.
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