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It's because of marriage problems that Gerri (Lori Loughlin) and Doug Jensen (Brian Kerwin) were seeing a marriage counselor, what Gerri didn't expect to discover is that Doug had been seeing their marriage counselor on a more personal level as well. Unsurprisingly it leads to a divorce and Gerri getting the home and custody of their two boys plus also child support payments. But Doug's payments go from being late to never coming before he suddenly moves away without telling Gerri. With no child support life gets tough very quickly for Gerri and after getting behind with home payments is forced to sell and move back to her parents where she tries to make a go of things but still finds it a struggle. And those struggles include Mr. Quinn (Gordon Clapp) the social worker who is not doing his job. Also stars Bibi Besch. (Analog, Full Screen, 94 min)
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