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CHIPS ‘99 (TNT 10/27/98)

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Attention all units: the lights are flashing, the bikes are roaring and after a 15-year self-imposed retirement from the CHP, Frank “Ponch” Poncherello (Erik Estrada) reunites with his partner Jon Baker (Larry Wilcox). Now there’s a lot more freeway to patrol but not so much interstate that these California Highway Patrolmen can’t cover wherever the rubber meets the road. This time, Ponch and Jon confront an automobile hijacking ring that may be the ultimate in road rage! Also starring: Robert Pine, Paul Korver, David Ramsey, Judge Judy Sheindlin, Paul Linke, Brodie Greer, Bruce Penhall, Johnnie Cochran, Garry Marshall, Stephen J. Cannell. Bonus material: movie trailer. (Digital, 94 min)
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