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CAROL & LUCY (CBS 1966, 1968)

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We all know that Carol Burnett was born ready for prime time television, but the last major step before The Carol Burnett Show began its incredible run in 1967 occurred a year earlier. CBS had promised Burnett her own special, provided she could deliver a major star for the show…and deliver she did! She phoned Lucille Ball, whom she had briefly met when the queen of comedy came backstage to meet her after a performance of Once Upon A Mattress…and the rest is history.

This disc contains two classic 60s’ Carol & Lucy pairings.

1) CAROL + 2 – CBS television special from March 22, 1966 that also featured actor Zero Mostel (Fiddler on the Roof) and

2) The Carol Burnett Show episode 36 from November 4, 1968. Along with Lucy, Carol’s guests were Eddie Albert (Green Acres) and singer Nancy Wilson.

Plus, bonus segment: Carol Burnett on the Origins of the Charwoman - Carol introduces the first appearance of her “Charwoman” character from the television special Carol & Company from February 24, 1963. (Digital, 130 min)

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