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This disc features two episodes from the 1980-88 CBS series Magnum, P.I. in which Carol Burnett guest starred as the bank teller turned detective Sue Johnson.  This is a must have disc for all Carol fans!  (Digital, Full Screen, 90 min)
The episodes included are:
Rembrandt's Girl (2/2/84) Magnum finds himself locked into a mystery when bank teller Susan Johnson (Carol Burnett) accidentally traps the two of them in a time-release vault at Robin Master's bank. Inside, they find large amounts of counterfeit bills, which the teller believes is proof that her father, a world-famous painting forger, is back in business.
A Girl Named Sue (1/13/88) Magnum is hired by an attractive woman to find the missing will of her late father, who was recently killed in a suspicious boating accident, which she suspects her brother of being behind, in order to steal the will. Working on the case, Thomas finds that former client Susan Johnson (Carol Burnett) - whom he was once locked in a bank vault with - is now a fellow private investigator, and is working on the same case - for the brother, who suspects his sister as responsible for their father's death. The two P.I.'s are soon locked in a battle of wills as they both race to solve the investigation first, but the pair are forced to put their rather love-hate relationship to one side and team up to solve the case of sibling rivalry.
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