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Carol introduces and reminiscences on four hand-picked favorites from over 1000 comedy routines from “The Carol Burnett Show.” Skits include “Backstage” featuring Sammy Davis, Jr. as a big Hollywood star that is visited by Carol, who knew him back when they were children and his mother worked as a maid for her mother…a fact she can’t seem to stop reminding him of. “No Frills Airline” has Harvey Korman fling in first class and Tim Conway, just one row behind him, in economy. Carol is the stewardess who makes sure both passengers get exactly what they’ve paid for. “The Pail” Harvey, the psychiatrist, and Carol, the patient, unravel the incident that led to Carol’s chronic crying jags. They make a remarkable discovery, which leads to a wacky confrontation. “Little Miss Show Biz” Carol is a precocious little girl (ala Shirley Temple) caught up in a custody battle between her Uncle Meany (Harvey) and her Uncle Miney (guest star Anthony Newley) in this musical comedy romp. Also features Vicki Lawrence and guest star Bernadette Peters.
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