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The little known, almost forgotten, first season of the popular CBS police drama series. The six-episode season featured Tyne Daly as detective MaryBeth Lacey and Meg Foster in the role of detective Christine Cagney (played first in the pilot film by Loretta Swit (M*A*S*H) and then then replaced with Sharon Gless). The show also starred Al Waxman, John Karlen, Carl Lumbly, Matrin Cove and Sidney Clute.
Notable guest stars included Julie Adams, David Paymer, Dick O’Neill, Gail Strickland.
After the first season, CBS threatened to cancel Cagney & Lacey unless Foster was replaced. Sharon Gless (whom producer Barney Rosenzweig had sought to cast from the beginning, but had been unable to so due to her work commitments elsewhere) joined the cast and played the role from the fall series of 1982. (2 disc-set, digital, full screen)
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