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The year was 1987 and NASA launched Ranger 3 on a five month trip around the solar system. The probe's pilot was Captain William “Buck” Rogers (Gil Gerard). Something goes terribly wrong causing Buck's life support systems to quickly freeze and the ship is propelled into deep space. When the spacecraft returns to the vicinity of Earth, the year is 2491. Buck awakens from his deep cryogenic sleep to find that he’s been captured by Princess Ardala (Pamela Hensely) to find the Earth he knew is no more. Instead, the aftermath of a late 20th Century nuclear World War III. Because of his piloting skills, Buck becomes a valuable member of the Earth Defense Directorate, which is headed by Dr. Elias Huer (Tim O’Connor). Buck also finds himself a part of a fighter squadron headed by Colonel Wilma Deering (Erin Gray). Among his other compatriots are Twiki (pronounced twee-kee) (played by Felix Silla and voiced by Mel Blanc) is a likable robot sometimes referred to as an "ambuquad” who becomes Buck's pal, and Dr. Theopolis, a mechanical brain who is part of Earth's Computer Council.
In the series 2nd season, Buck, Wilma, and Twiki become part of the crew aboard the Earth spaceship "Searcher," commanded by Admiral Efram Asimov (Jay Garner).  New characters that year featured Hawk (Thom Christopher) whom was an alien who represented the last of the nearly extinct birds people, Dr. Goodfellow (Wilfrid Hyde-White) whom was an elderly scientist with insatiable curiosity and Crichton, a snobbish robot built by Dr. Goodfellow, but who always finds difficulty believing that lowly humans could've built him.
Noteworthy guest stars included Gary Coleman, Lance LeGault, Markie Post, Jack Palance, Jerry Orbach, Paul Mantee, Richard Moll, Anne Lockhart, Judith Chapman, Ray Walston, James Luisi, Peter Graves, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Dorothy Stratten along with Batman alumni Julie Newmar, Cesar Romero, Roddy McDowell and Frank Gorshin.


This set contains the complete series, all 32 episodes + pilot theatrical film, on 9 DVDs. Ratio: 1.33:1 - Full screen. Run Time: 3598 min. Quality: 9.5
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