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The Beatles, Herman's Hermits, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones to Donovan, Dusty Springfield, Manfred Mann and many others – this 40 disc-set contains rare TV performances from the artists listed below. This set is extremely rare and very good quality!

DVD # 1
(The Beatles- "A Hard Days Night", The Animals- "House Of The Rising
Sun", The Foundations- "Build Me Up Buttercup", The Rolling Stones-
"Around And Around", Chad and Jeremy- "Willow Weep For Me",
The Dave Clark Five- "Hold On")

DVD # 2
(Dusty Springfield- "Son Of A Preacher Man", Freddie and The
Dreamers- "Medley Of Hits", The Moody Blues- "Nights In White Satin",
Gerry and The Pacemakers- "How Do You Do It", Herman's Hermits-
"I'm Into Something Good", Peter and Godon- "A World Without You")

DVD # 3
(Manfred Mann- "Do Wah Diddy", Procol Harum- "A White Shade Of
Pale", The Hollies- "Bus Stop", The Kinks- "A Well Respected Man",
The Searchers- "Needles And Pins", The Seekers- "Georgy Girl")

DVD # 4
(Cad And Jeremy- "A Summer Song", The Dave Clark Five- "I need Love",
Freddie and The Dreamers- "Do The Freddie", The Animals- "It's My Life",
The Beatles- "Love Me Do", The Hollies- "Carrie Anne")

DVD # 5
(The Yardbirds- "Heart Full Of Soul", The Zombies- "Time Of The Season",
The Rolling Stones- "Walking The Dog", Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders-
"Stop, Look And Listen", The Beatles- "Tomorrow Never Knows", The
Troggs- "I Can't Control Myself")

DVD # 6
(Donovan- "Mellow Yellow", Dusty Springfield- "If You Go Away", The
Animals- "Tobacco Road", Freddie and The Dreamers- "Funny Over You",
Gerry and The Pacemakers- "Dizzy Miss Lizzy", Herman's Hermits-
"Listen People")

DVD # 7
(The Beatles- "All My Loving", The Kinks- "Lola", Lulu- "To Sir With Love",
Manfred Mann- "Come Tomorrow", The Moody Blues- "I'm Just A Singer
In A Rock And Roll Band", Peter and Gordon- "Homeward Bound")

DVD # 8
(The Animals- "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood", Chad And Jeremy- "Distant
Shores", The Dave Clark Five- "Catch Us If You Can", Donovan- "Colors",
Dusty Springfield- "Nothing Has Been Proved", The Rolling Stones- "Empty

DVD # 9
(Gerry and The Pacemakers- "Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying", Herman's
Hermits- "Can't You Hear My Heartbeat", The Zombies- "Hold Your Head Up",
Peter and Gordon- "I Go To Pieces", Manfred Mann- "Ha Ha Said The Clown",
The Beatles- "Hey Jude")

DVD # 10
(Freddie And The Dreamers- "Short Shorts", Gerry and The Pacemakers-
"Jambalaya", Chad and Jeremy- "The Truth Ofter Hurts The Heart",
The Dave Clark Five- "When", Donovan- "Hurdy Gurdy Man" The Holllies-
"Beat Club Performance 1966")

DVD # 11
(The Troggs- "Wild Thing", The Yardbirds- "For Your Love", The Zombies-
"Breathe Out, Breathe In", The Searchers- "Love Potion Number 9",
The Beatles- "If I fell", The Rolling Stones- "Under My Thumb")

DVD # 12
(The Kinks- "Mr. Pleasant", The Beatles- "Rocky Racoon", The Moody
Blues- "Ride My See Saw", Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders- "It's
Getting Harder All The Time", The Rolling Stones- "Heart Of Stone",
The Searchers- "Hi Heel Sneakers")

DVD # 13
(Herman's Hermits- "I'm Henry The VIII I am", Manfred Mann- "My Name
Is Jack", The Beatles- "Misery", The Moody Blues- "Tuesday Afternoon",
Peter and Gordon- "Woman", Procol Harum- "Conquistador")

DVD # 14
(The Rolling Stones- "Ruby Tuesday", The Beatles- "Sgt Pepper's Lonely
Hearts Club Band", Gerry and The Pacemakers and The Everly Brothers-
"Live on Shindig 1965", Herman's Hermits- "Silhouettes", The Zombies-
"Summertime", The Animals- "I'm Crying")

DVD # 15
(The Beatles- "Yellow Submarine", The Dave Clark Five- "Bits and Pieces",
The Foundations- "Now That I've Found You", The Hollies- "Blowin' In The
Wind", The Honeycombs- "Have I The Right", The Kinks- "Apeman")

DVD # 16
(Gerry and The Pacemakers- "Why O Why", Freddie and The Dreamers-
"I'm Telling You Now", Herman's Hermits- "Dandy", The Beatles- "Help",
The Rolling Stones- "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", The Animals- "Shake")

DVD # 17
(Manfred Mann- "Watermelon Man", The Moody Blues- "Question", Peter
And Gordon- "Don't Pity Me", Procol Harum- "Simple Sister", Dusty
Springfield- "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me", The Beatles- "I Want
To Hold Your Hand")

DVD # 18
(The Dave Clark Five- "Mulberry Tree", Donovan- "Sunshine Superman",
Dusty Springfield- "Spooky", Eric Burdon and The Animals- "When I
Was Young", Freddie and The Dreamers- "Do The Freddie", The Beatles-
"In My Life")

DVD # 19
(The Beatles- "Twist And Shout", The Hollies- "Look Through Any Window",
The Dave Clark Five- "Don't Be Takin' In", The Honeycombs- "Is It Because",
The Kinks- "Superman", The Rolling Stones- "Little Red Rooster")

DVD # 20
(The Moody Blues- "The Story In Your Eyes", The Rolling Stones- "Lady
Jane", The Searchers- "Magic Potion", The Seekers- "Gospel Medly",
The Beatles- "Blackbird", Peter and Gordon- "True Love Ways")

DVD # 21
(The Dave Clark Five- "Can't You See That She's Mine", Donovan- "Jennifer
Juniper", Dusty Springfield- "Sunny", Freddie And The Dreamers- "I Love
You Baby", Gerry and The Pacemakers- "I'll Be There", Herman's Hermits-
"Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter")

DVD # 22
(The Rolling Stones- "Jumpin' Jack Flash", The Beatles- "Here Comes The
Sun", Peter And Gordon- "Lady Godiva", Herman's Hermits Sings With
Dean Martin, The Kinks- "Celluloid Hero", Manfred Mann- "I Got My Mojo

DVD # 23
(The Troggs- "With A Girl Like You", The Yardbirds- "Dazed And Confused",
The Zombies- "She's Not There", Dusty Springfield & Tom Jones- "Baby Baby",
Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders- "Just A Little Bit Too Late", The
Beatles- "Across The Universe")

DVD # 24
(Gerry and The Pacemakers- "Ferry Cross The Mersey", Herman's Hermits-
"No Milk Today", Manfred Mann- "Sha La La", The Rolling Stones- "Time Is
On My Side", Peter and Gordon- "Soft As Dawn", The Beatles- Day Tripper")

DVD # 25
(The Beatles- "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", The Rolling Stones- "You
Can't Always Get What You Want", Manfred Mann- "The Might Quinn",
Herman's Hermits- "The End Of The World", Gerry and The Pacemakers-
"I Like It", The Yardbirds- "Louise" 1963)

DVD # 26
(Freddie And The Dreamers- "I Understand", Gerry and The Pacemakers-
"I'm The One", Herman's Hermits- "My Sentimental Friend", The Rolling
Stones- "As Tears Go By", The Beatles- "Ob-La-Di-Ob-La Da", The
Yardbirds- "Blow Up")

DVD # 27
(The Yardbirds- "Smokestack Lightning", The Beatles- "Hey Bulldog",
The Searchers- "Medley Of Hits", The Rolling Stones- "Sympathy For
The Devil", Gerry and The Pacemakers- "Walk Hand In Hand",
Herman's Hermits- "There's A Kind Of Hush")

DVD # 28
(Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders- "Groovy Kind Of Love", The
Zombies- "A Rose For Emily", The Yardbirds- "Shape Of Things",
The Seekers- "This Train", The Beatles- "Eleanor Rigby", The Rolling
Stones- "Carol")

DVD # 29
(Freddie And The Dreamers- "Send Me Some Lovin'", The Dave Clark
Five- "Everybody Knows", Donovan- "Universal Soldier", Dusty
Springfield- "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me", Gerry and The
Pacemakers- "A Shot Of Rhythym And Blues", The Beatles- "Tell Me

DVD # 30
(The Beatles- "Strawberry Fields Forever", Herman's Hermits- "Something
Is Happening", Gerry And The Pacemakers- "You'll Never Walk Alone",
Manfred Mann- "Semi Detached Suburban Mr. James", Freddie and The
Dreamers- "You Were Made For Me", The Hollies- "Stewball")

DVD # 31
(The Hollies- "Stop Stop Stop", The Kinks- "You Really Got Me", The Rolling
Stones- "Let's Spend Some Time Together", The Beatles- "Please Please Me",
The Moody Blues- "For My Lady", The Searchers- "He's Got No Love")

DVD # 32
(Gerry And The Pacemakers- "It's Gonna Be Alright", The Beatles- "Rain",
The Hollies- "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", The Kinks- "Have A Cuppa Tea",
The Rolling Stones- "Paint It Black", The Yardbirds- "I'm A Man")

DVD # 33
(The Rolling Stones- "Hony Tonk Woman", The Searchers- "Saturday Night
Out", Gerry and the Pacemakers- "Rip It Up", The Beatles- "Ticket To Ride",
The Hollies- "Carrie Anne", The Kinks- "Days")

DVD # 34
(The Searchers- "What I'd Say", The Rolling Stones- "Midnight Rambler",
The Kinks- "Waterloo Sunset", The Hollies- "Long Cool Woman", The
Beatles- "She Loves You", Gerry And The Pacemakers- "Pretend")

DVD # 35
(Gerry And The Pacemakers- "You'll Never Walk Alone", The Beatles- "Yesterday",
Herman's Hermits- "Wonderful World", The Hollies- "Just Like A Woman",
The Kinks- "Sunny Afternoon", The Rolling Stones- "Gimme Shelter")

DVD # 36
(The Beatles- "Hey Jude", The Hollies- "The Air That I Breathe" The Kinks-
"Juke Box Music", The Rolling Stones- "The Last Time", The Seekers- "Open
Up Them Pearly Gates", The Yardbirds- "Good Night Josephine")

DVD # 37
(The Searchers- "CC Rider", The Searchers- "Jenny Take A Ride", The
Kinks- "Sleepwalker", The Zombies- "Old Heart Of Mine", The Beatles-
"Helter Skelter", The Hollies- "Jennifer Eccles", Gerry and The Pacemakers-
"Why Oh Why")

DVD # 38
(Freddie And The Dreamers- "Run For Your Life", The Beatles- "Get Back",
Herman's Hermits- "My Sentimental Friend", The Hollies- "Just One Look",
The Seekers- "Someday One Day", The Kinks- "Tired Of Waiting For You")

DVD # 39
(The Yardbirds- "Happenings Ten years Ago", The Beatles "You Got To Hide
Your Love Away", The Kinks- "All Day And All Of The Night", Freddie and The
Dreamers- "Don't Do That To Me", The Hollies- "On A Carousel", The Dave
Clark Five- "Say You Want Me")

DVD # 40
(The Hollies- "Heartbeat", The Kinks- "Destroyer", The Searchers- "What
Have They Done To The Rain", The Seekers- "We Shall Not Be Moved"
The Yardbirds- The Train Kept A Rollin"", The Zombies- "Tell Her No")



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