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Barbary Coast features the adventures of 19th century government agent Jeff Cable (played by William Shatner), and his pal, conman and gambler Cash ("Cash makes no enemies") Conover (Doug McClure; played by Dennis Cole in the pilot) who is the owner of the Golden Gate Casino, located in the rowdy Barbary Coast section.


Other regulars on the series included Richard Kiel as Moose Moran, the Golden Gate’s Barker/Bouncer and Dave Turner as Thumbs, the casino’s piano player.


Guest stars featured Lynda Day George, Joan Van Ark, Eric Braeden, James Cromwell, Joseph Campanella, Martin E. Brooks, Louise Sorel, Tige Andrews, Gretchen Corbett, Dennis Patrick, Henry Gibson, Bernard Fox, Judy Strangis, John Rubinstein, Billy Green Bush, Spencer Milligan.


This 3-DVD set contains the pilot movie and all 13 episodes.


DISC ONE: The Barbary Coast (Pilot) / Funny Money / Crazy Cats / Jesse Who?

DISC TWO: The Ballad Of Redwing Jail / Guns For A Queen / Irish Luck / Sauce For The Goose / An Iron-Clad Plan

DISC THREE: Arson and Old Lace / Sharks Eat Sharks / The Day Cable Was Hanged / Mary Had More Than A Little / The Dawson Marker

Number of DVDs: 3
Quality: 10/10
Running Time: 745 min approx.
Aspect Ratio: Digital, 1.33.1 fullframe
NOTES: This is a fan-made DVD set. Not    a studio release.  
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