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An American Christmas Carol is a stirring 20th-century story, adapted from Charles Dickens’ classic tale and starring the multi-talented Henry Winkler (“The Fonz” of TV’s “Happy Days”).
Winkler portrays a modern Scrooge, Benedict Slade. Slade, the president of a finance company, has chosen the day before Christmas to mercilessly hound the townsfolk for their loan payments ad repossess their goods. That evening, alone in his apartment, Slade receives three ghostly visitors who take him on an enlightening journey through time—to Christmases past, present and future. In the morning, Slade realizes that he has been given the unique opportunity to witness his own avarice and greed—and the chance to mend his ways along the paths of goodness and charity. Also stars David Wayne, Dorian Harewood, Chris Wiggins, R.H. Thompson, Kenneth Pogue and Susan Hogan. Directed by Eric Till.
An inspiring holiday classic for the entire family to enjoy together. (Digital, full frame, 96 min)
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