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ACCUSED - SERIES 1 (BBC One, 2010)

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A series of six one-hour dramas, created by Jimmy McGovern, about six ordinary people as they face their day in court. Will the jury find each of them guilty as charged?
Episode 1: "Willy's Story" - Willie Houlihan (Christopher Eccleston) is in the holding cells beneath the Crown Court, awaiting the verdict of his trial. As he begins the long walk back up to his courtroom, viewers learn the events that brought him there. Willie was a hard-working plumber with money pressures and a family who rely on him. But what did he get involved in?
Episode 2: "Frankie's Story" - Frankie Nash (Benjamin Smith), is a young soldier on trial. A frightening series of events led him to this place, but does the jury know the full story? Episode 3: "Helen's Story" - Helen Ryland (Juliet Stevenson) is a primary teacher who stands accused. She tells the jury of the tragedy that led her to commit a terrible crime. Will they believe her or sentence her to spend years in prison?
Episode 4: "Liam's Story" - Liam Black (Andy Serkis) is a taxi driver with a gambling problem. His lack of cash leads him to burglarize a female customer, Emma Croft's (Jodie Whittaker) home. Afterwards, begins an obsession with the woman that leads him to commit a crime of passion.
Episode 5: "Kenny's Story" - Hardworking, loving father Kenny Armstrong (Marc Warren), who only wanted to do the right thing for his family and his friends, is now in the dock after becoming involved in a violent crime against his better judgment.
Episode 6: "Allison's Story" - A busy working mother with a young family, stands accused. Passion and hatred have brought Allison (Naomi Harris) and her husband David (Warren Brown) to opposite sides of the courtroom.
(2-Disc Set, Chapter Marks, Region 1, 360 min)

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