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29th Street (MP 1991)

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Some people have all the luck. Like Frank Pesce Jr. (Anthony LaPaglia), a simple Italian guy from Brooklyn who's been riding a lucky streak since the day he was born. His father (Danny Aiello) also has unusual luck--all bad. Frank Sr. buys losing lottery tickets by the boxful. Frank Jr. buys one lottery ticket and becomes one of 50 finalists for the $6.2 million New York State Lottery jackpot!

This makes Frank Jr. a real hero along 29th Street. His father isn’t so popular and a local crime boss is after him for an overdue $10,000 gambling debt. But the mobster’s willing to make a deal with Frank Jr. and take the lottery ticket in exchange for his father's debt. Now he has to make the biggest choice of his life that leads to a heartwarming and uplifting conclusion, Frank Jr. discovers just how lucky he really is, and learns a lesson about friendship and family that is worth a fortune. 

All performances are first rate and the film is filled with wonderful moments of both comedy and drama that will make you laugh and cry. 1991, 191 mins.

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