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Produced in 2003 - From the nice-guy dad on the hit sitcom Full House to the joke spouting host on America’s Funniest Home Videos, Bob Saget has enjoyed enormous success as a mainstream TV star.

While his work on television made him a household name, many would be surprised to learn that Saget is also one of the most shockingly blue standup comics working today. In this detailed profile, follow Saget from his early days growing up in Philadelphia to his years on the comedy club circuit in Los Angeles to his big break into television in the late ‘80s. In the years since he played his most well-known role as the lovable Danny Tanner on Full House, Saget has found remarkable success as a writer, director, producer, stand-up comic, and even a Broadway star.

Featuring candid interviews and rare insights into the emerging talents of this dynamic entertainer, BIO presents a compelling look at the life and career of Bob Saget.

Number of DVDs: 1
Quality: 9/10
Running Time: 47 min (approx)
Aspect Ratio: Fullscreen, 1:33.1
NOTES: This is a fan-made DVD set. Not    a studio release.
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